"With almost no information provided by me as background, Veruca delivered an amazingly detailed and insightfully accurate tarot reading in story form. It was not only interesting, but it was a joyous experience to watch her reading in video format. It is obvious from her reading for me that Veruca is a creative person and an unusually-skilled communicator with a deep interest in the people around a subject and how those interactions shape past, present, and future."

Carlo, USA

 "Cyn is a talented and caring psychic reader, she takes the time to explain and connect the information given from your spirit guides and ancestors in depth, which makes it so much more helpful to understand. She's very intelligent and emotionally aware in translating messages given from spirit. The message of the reading is taken a step  further to see how it applies to our current lives, which is much appreciated. It brings it full circle. She is accurate and puts a lot of care into each reading."

 Arra_San USA 

"I would describe myself as someone who is quite skeptical and also critical on spirituality. But then I was definitely open to give it a try. It was the first time I met her (what's her name again?) we got introduced through a common friend of ours. What then happened blew literally my mind. Her Tarot reading was not only true considering my current life situation. She was also capable of unfolding my desires, fears and hopes and emotional setup (there might be a better word for it). And you have to know, that I am certainly hard to read and as I already mentioned, she never met me before and got only little information about me in the first place. It was a truly pleasant and also eye-opening experience. Hearing about yourself from an outsider perspective through reading tarot cards in a very profound detailed and also entertaining way did definitely help me to work on struggles I have with myself and the people I am surrounded by. I highly recommend her Tarot card reading to anyone, no matter if you are looking for answers or not."

 Michael, Germany 

"Thanks Cyn! She did a reading for me!!! DM her for more info :) She's amazingggg!!"

 Candy Toronto, Ontario 

"I got my reading done from Cyn, and it was more than amazing. I really wanted clarification on a certain situation and a certain someone which Cyn gave me. Every reader I went to would never let me know clearly what was going on. Cyn provides me with the clarification I needed in the most perfect way, she was clear but sweet, and it was exactly what I needed. I would definitely get another reading done from her and recommend her to anyone who is seeking answers to their questions. Not to mention everything was done within 24 hours <3"

 Sj94 USA 

"I've been to a few tarot readers, and I'm even a novice reader myself. Other tarot readers with much more experience (I'm talking 5-7 decades here), were much less accurate than Cyn. Everything she said came true, and she was accurate about existing details she couldn't possibly have known! She blows my mind! She gives clear and concise advice. She is and will always be my go-to reader for sure! She has a true gift."

 Janelle Toronto, Ontario 

"In depth reading about my relationship, we communicate more effectively now as a result."

-Sakura Los Angeles, California 

"During my reading, I saw that Cyn tapped into reading and feeling my energy very well.  The response was accurate to my situation. With that, I received the advice with guidance that I know would take my life in a positive direction. I am excited to see what this new-found knowledge can do. It was my first time meeting Cyn, and so I had never unveiled any of my aspects to her. There were many topics that arose that confirmed that the reading had truth to it. I had a wonderful experience. She was kind and clear with her words, and created a safe atmosphere for personal information to be spoken about."

 Linda Chung Toronto Ontario 

"Thank you so much Miss Veruca Cyn for my reading. Thank you for putting out your time to offer people free readings. Your readings are beautifully articulated, and it brings people much comfort. Well for me, it did. I had a question in mind and was always bothered about, but your reading definitely brought me peace and closure on the situation. Thank you so much!"

 From a YouTube admirer <3 

"So from her reading, I was able to understand and understand my fears that I have been having for a long time. I was in this toxic relationship and when the cards turned it helped me realize it and confirm my feelings. By this happening it helped me go out and take the steps to make my life lighter as that is such a weight I was bearing for a long time. It also recognized my desire to get fit again. Everything afterwards became so clear and taking step after step I became so much happier. I have lost weight and been just happy without the background feelings of dread and just plan bad juju."

 UberleetX USA 

*If you are a client who has recieved a tarot reading and would like to leave a shining testimonial for Cyn, please contact us.