Who is Veruca Cyn?

Veruca Cyn is a fashion designer turned spiritual practitioner who went through a life-changing event which evoked a spiritual awakening six years prior, back in 2015. With this innate ability, Cyn now sees the world with fresh eyes and has chosen to answer the calling of becoming a living spirit guide to those who cross her path. Seen as a spiritually gifted Mystic, Veruca Cyn teaches self empowerment, self awareness and expanding one’s perspectives and opportunities in life. Cyn now works with her Spirit Guides, Deities and Ancestors who aid in her assistance to create truly one of a kind clothing pieces that invoke self-love and self-confidence, all the while foreseeing into personal, insightful and accurate predictions for the upliftment of humanity.  

The brand Veruca Cyn was founded in 2009, embodying the beliefs that empowers those who choose to express and celebrate their inner light. Every article of creation is made by and designed thoughtfully with the intentions of elevating your confidence, your self-image, and inspire to celebrate the assets you were given this lifetime. Those who choose to adorn themselves in Veruca Cyn attire are considered Cynners, and we believe in redefining the norm. Other products and services available from Veruca Cyn also carry the same intentions and serves as an extension to this inner revolution.

Veruca Cyn as a brand is here to shed compassion, self empowerment, personal creativity and self-expression in a world that is still not entirely open to understanding and embracing the diversity of what makes us human. We understand that you are the main character of your very own life, and have the potential to be powerful and influential and amazing in your own way. Veruca Cyn manifests her creations that set the tone for how we present ourselves to the world around us, both internally and externally. As above so below. Veruca Cyn explores visions, fantasies, and desires from the inner world and bring them into fruition into the external world around us to enjoy. 

Our brand exists to help those who seek for this kind of a world. Those who consider themselves different from the society that was given to us- those who see the world differently, think differently, and dares to ask deeper questions with an insatiable curiosity. Veruca Cyn acknowledges the in-between, we notice the things others overlook. We are Cynners.