Terms Of Use

Any usage of and all services, products, information and associations to Veruca Cyn is within the sole decision, responsibility and discretion of the user. Veruca Cyn will not be held accountable and is free of any and all responsibilities to any and all decisions and or actions users choose when using services, products, information and all associations to Veruca Cyn.  All services, products, and clothing that is created and sold are final sale, no refunds and or exchanges. Tarot readings and products sold under Veruca Cyn is for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only. Services, products, information and all associations to Veruca Cyn is made with the intention to provide deeper introspection for aiding in personal growth. Information, services, products and clothing provided and sold by Veruca Cyn is intended to be used as a form of tool to practice and exercise the discovery of self awareness. Users of Veruca Cyn services, products, and clothing are advised to refer for help from a professional and licensed practitioner concerning any particular areas of life that is pertaining to the user i.e. doctor, lawyer, social worker, councillor, therapist before making any decisions.

*All stipulations, terms and property of Veruca Cyn is subject to change without notice