FAQ: What Makes Veruca Cyn Creations Unique? I Have A Custom Sizing/ Design Request

What Makes Veruca Cyn Creations Unique?

     What makes Veruca Cyn creations unique is that each garment is made with clear intention and healing energy are infused into her creations, every time you embody a garment from Veruca Cyn it will act as a lucky charm and amulet to aid in your goals and aspirations in life. Each and every creation has a base foundational intention to empower, instill confidence, and protection to those who wear her creations. Much like a lucky charm or protective amulet, Cyn instills her intentions and energies into her creations. Each stitch and precision of cut made, down to the foundation of conception and sketches before birthing it into existence through workmanship. When you wear a creation of Veruca Cyn, you can be confident in knowing that time, attention, and intention has been placed in the pieces you own. 

I have a custom sizing or design request

Custom sizing will come at an additional charge, prices can vary depending on the complexity of the design.  Visit our shop to purchase a consultation session package, from there we can best determine an appropriate quote for you. Customization and design requests are limited in availability, visit our shop regularly to see when this item is back on the listings.

    **Please note that the manner of designs from Veruca Cyn are created in an intuitive and organic way. All design requests will be taken as suggestions rather than literal translations of the clients requests. Following a strict concept or request limits Cyn's creative freedom and self-expression. When you are purchasing an item from Veruca Cyn, you are purchasing a creation as an extension of her artistic visions, and customizations go as far as to her interpretation of your likeness. By requesting a custom sizing or design you will be agreeing to allow total creative freedom and direction to Veruca Cyn, any and all design concepts will be served as a springboard in aiding the creative process on the production of your custom request. There will be no reviewing or relaying artistic progress once the consultation has been finalized. All payments and submission of said concepts requested are final. You will recieve your final product by mail.**