I've recently stumbled into their store on one fine evening...lo and behold their designs are very innovative and fashion forward. One item stood out the most, there it was- worn by a mannequin.

Taking the form of 100% silk, this item was a royal majestic hue of purple. With the style of a fitted tailored dress shirt, silk ribbon bow which tied closely to the neck, and miniature slightly off blue tinted pearl textured buttons. With traditional quarter length sleeves, and a cuff that buttoned around the arm- it had a WOW factor. Can you guess what type of unexpected cut it had???

*Drum Roll*

...It had OPEN SHOULDERS!!!! What a curve ball it threw ME. Showing a little bit of skin, in the most interesting way. This is the best example of pulling of an interesting look, and still look classy, conservative and proffesional.

Here is the photo below:

At the price of $148 U.S. and $192 C.A. You too can appreciate this shirt and it's quality, great for evening wear- going out for drinks or dinner, or even day wear if you are open to wearing such bold solid color.

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