Browns B2

This shoe store has a wide variety of styles available, but tend to cater more to fashion forward or trend-type designs. The shoes come in a wide assortment of mixed materials, from metal studs, patent, knitted wool, wool, suede, leather, synthetic etc, put together in an interesting arrangement which you wouldn't see a lot of typical trend shoes have- very creative mediums used in other words.

When it comes to silhouettes of the shoes available, they have plenty of boots, runners, stilettoes, heels, and sandals. Lace ups, zip ups, snap ups, button ups, buckle ups- you name it. Lots of variety.

Aside from shoes, B2 does sell some outerwear such as coats, and bags. Their bags tend to be a little more for the younger audience, as the brands and appearance of the products tend to have a lot of cartoon, or "tattoo" inspired-like images on them vs. leather, or plain and more "office" type setting. In other words, they often resemble schoolbags, or those fads for teenagers- by the type of fabrics and materials chosen for the products.

One particular shoe that appealed to me most, was this special well innovated brogue inspired lace up shoe; it has a short heel and is patented. Such a charming design, with the right fit and height to be able to get away without it being so broad way!

When worn in person, the shoe is actually a lot more delicate and slimmer in appearance vs. the photo posted up on this blog- it is a must try on for one who is looking for the perfect shoe to go with their dress pants, skirts, or dress- but cannot bear to wear heels more then 1-2'' inches high. They offer the best of both worlds, class and comfort.

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