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I got invited by wonderful model Tawny and Krystal to come do their makeup at Capitol Event Theater, where the modelling competition was held at. I came early and had time to wait for people to gather. This was how the room looked like empty.

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The other two makeup artists showed up shortly after with their makeup train cases.

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My little makeup set up.

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Left to right: Tawny, Me, and Krystal
(p.s. so hard to take a group picture with one hand!!!)

The models were to have 4 looks: First one wearing the Toronto Dymes t-shirt, and to personalize them however you please. So this is what I did for Tawny.
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Her makeup was card suite inspired, hence the diamonds on her cheeks alternating between black and red! She had a gothic lolita looking dress that had the same prints but on the opposite side with tutu skirt. (which i unfortunately did not have the chance to take a picture of!)
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Krystals had ribbons twisted from the front to the back like straps and I helped assisted in this, and suggested bows in the back!

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The mess we all made from DIY with t-shirts
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Second look were dresses:
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Third look were swimsuits:
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I was the only makeup artist who stayed throughout most of the event, they mostly left right after the makeup was done. This is what I wore that day, along with my black faux suede knee high stiletto boots.

Fourth look was a creative outfit that each model chose for themselves that represented their own personality and style. I did not have the chance to take pictures mentioned above- but below is one captured by an unknown photographer of Krystal in her creative outfit.

For the makeup look below, it was such a funny story- Krystal was feeling a bit down due to everyone wearing such glitzy glam jewellery and makeup around her...and I asked her what's wrong, she told me she felt very boring and that her clothes were so plain compared to the other I said "your missing war paint." and went stuck my thumb into the black eyeshadow palette and streaked them across both sides of her cheeks. She became happy and inspired all over again of her original idea for her look and went out on the catwalk. I believe this is what did it! ;)
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Krystal got into the top 12 models and have a page in which she is featured in the calendar of Toronto Dymes :)!