.....So I found out not too long ago when I went to log into my account, that there has been a post that wasn't made by me...My hell of a sister was being such a trouble maker and had been arguing with me about sharing a blog account, so she can make posts and rant about her progress with her makeup artist profession and modeling..

I give up. After much debate, I hereby confess Aurora Cyn will be a part of my ongoing blog. So I hope you readers will welcome here just as I finally did.

On another note, I had a friend show me this video game he wanted to purchase- it is only available on XBOX but is visually interesting as HECK.

Take a view at the trailer yourself and tell me you don't find it a bit amusing?

Come visit my friend Adam Thompson's blog: Underneath The Radar. He writes a lot about indie music, and movies. A lot of the times, it's where I find some of my good music :)