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Everyone knows that the perfect way to finish an outfit, are with beautiful shoes. With so many to choose from, where to start? Well today I am going to introduce two brands of shoes that I've recently discovered, both very fun and dynamic and charismatic in their own ways.

I believe any shoe can look good on a person if its put together properly, fully interpreting an cohesive overall style.

First brand is Irregular Choice. Very young, fun, and not for the faint of heart. Created for those who are young at heart, and have a fun personality.

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Now that you've seen the home page, I believe you have an idea what I mean.
They LOVE color, and a lot of it reflects in the designs of their shoes.

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All whole range of shapes, materials, colors, and themes. Absolute love.

Here is the one strong example of how these funky shoes can be pulled off.

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See what I mean?

The shoes I want, would be in between the style of Irregular Choice & Sole Struck. Here it is!
Flashing Lights
Flashing Lights is the name of this gem. How truly wonderful.

The next shoe brand I will present to you is, Sole Struck.
Their appeal is more sophisticated, integrating a lot of architectural feel, and leathers as well as industrial-like materials, such as metal.

(this slogan cracks me up every time)
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I can picture a lot of young professionals, young ladies who are image conscious and like to express themselves in a sophisticated yet edgy personalized way would appeal to this. A lot of artists and designers of sorts are attracted by the architectural design of the shoe silhouettes. As you can see, a lot of the materials used are sturdy and often resemble a very futuristic and industrial influence.

Here is a good example of how Solestruck's shoes can be worn as an outfit.

My favorite shoe by them is this one!
Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Clinic-Black.jpg picture by Deathbutton
This beauty is named Clinic.

Very modelesque for both of those two looks right? Thinking only tall thin lean ladies can wear it right? Wrong. Those looks were specifically chosen to suit and compliment their physique. Next time I'll show you how to wear things together for different shapes, heights, and sizes.