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This look is inspired by childhood innocence, naivety and simply being fifteen.
I've chosen very delicate and soft floral prints with powder pink matching leather shoes, with a simple dash of tinted lip gloss for makeup. The cut of this dress is suitable for ladies with hourglass shapes, and ruler shapes- as the pleating really helps add some shape to the hips automatically- creating an X shape overall. Statement piece is a powder sky blue vintage jewelery to help break up the pink.

For So fresh & So Clean style, I've chosen a lot of energetic but soft shades of oranges, blues, greens, and yellows. This outfit is ideal for ruler shapes as the shirt does have a lot of drape, and that "bubble" cut- which adds movement and dimension to ladies of the ruler shape. Simple but bold colored strap heels, chunky bangles, delicate jewelery, and a bright orange bag are nice details to finish off the overall look.


This is an evening look I have put together, inspired by Erte and the 30s evening glamor wear. A beautiful sequenced dress that has a twist knot design right at the waist is perfect for the ruler and triangle shape to create that hourglass illusion. Since the bottom half of the dress has enough structure to stay on its own on creating this puffed out dome shape at the hips.
Topping off with a faux fur shrug to help keep warm- but add even more class to the outfit. Mesh heels, rich dark blue smokey eyes, and luscious cherry wine red lips add excitement. Body dusting powder, and a simple hand clutch to finish off the details and make you feel like you've stepped out of a black and white film!

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This inspiration board is based off Femme Fatale, a very mysterious and dangerous women. Choosing styles that reminded me very much of agents, detectives, and assasins- sleek, hint of futurism, and practicality for the average Femme. I wanted this look to achieve the high fashion edge appeal, yet be very wearable and practical so I went right ahead to choosing hand clutches that had handles with good grip, or a strap to hang around the shoulders. Coats are very structured with very strong cuts, either with a lot of detail, or very sharp lines. Shoes reflect a bit of futurism, in the type of fabric and material combinations used. The ideal shape that can wear this well would be hourglass, ruler, and pear shape. Since some of the jackets have wide collars- that helps the pear shape balance off on the top. And hourglass shapes are fine, since a lot of the clothing is already fairly curvy. As for Rulers, these jackets all help create dynamic and movement to your shape as a whole!