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:) Hello readers, as you may have noticed the layout of my blog is ever changing- that is because I am currently learning little tid bits to alter this onling magazine so it fits more closer to my original vision. It will become more user friendly and interactive as time goes on- and definitely more clothing from me! ( I have been sewing really hard, and promise great photos really soon for my upcoming 10 piece collection)

This upcoming August 6th, I will be trying out for the runway- eep! I have been modeling for photos, so this will be my official first try out for in-real-time performance. The fashion show has been determined to be showing at Suba Lounge, the catwalk is apparently going to be from one end to the other, a very long walk. At least there won't be any T shapes hahahaha since this will be my first! No crazy obstacles that require charming maneuvering skills and poise.

So I'm assuming this will be the long catwalk they are talking about. Ironically I have been here before! During the winter months when I made friends with this Japanese student named Yuichiro who was here for english courses, he is a singer and had his band performance here that night. Nice classy place. Interesting that i'm here yet again, but for another purpose. It's like recycling- or overlapping memories. Same place, different reason.