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A few days back I received my package for these bento box egg molds purchased off the internet, one in the shape of a bear and the other a bunny. Tested them out today and these are the results. For the bear mold, a bigger egg would be more suitable to capture all of it's features!

Bento Box Japanese egg molds! Photos below borrowed by Zealand Bento @ blogspot to demonstrate how this product is used. Visit them to read more about bentos here!
Freshly hot boiled egg peeled.

Cup of hot water mixed with red coloring dye prepared, and allowing egg to soak in dye.

Important that the egg is still hot! Place into egg mold. Close the mold cover and dunk in cold water for 10 minutes.

Remove from water and open up case! (I'm assuming from this user the egg must have cracked a bit on the sides and the yolk came out!)

Use them in your lunch preparations to make your meals more fun!!!

If you do not know what bento boxes are according to an accurate answer from the internet stating: "[BEHN-toh] A thin metal or lacquered wooden box divided into compartments. The bento box is used in Japan for storing separate small dishes that comprise an individual meal (most often lunch). In Japan, the bento lunch, which is commonly available at train stations, represents fast food elevated to high culinary art and design. Each of the country's 5,000 stations sells a unique box lunch that reflects the cooking of the region. The beautifully designed bento boxes can take on myriad shapes including masks, tennis rackets, nuts, golf balls or other objects both traditional and whimsical. More than twelve million bento-box meals are sold to hungry travelers and commuters in Japan each day."

Some examples of beautifully crafted Bento Box meals

Various animals and the famous Domo-Kun character

Happy Pandas


An adorable pig farm with mushroom made of eggs

Super Mario

Luigi and Bowser

More characters from Mario World like Yoshi and Pikachu from Pokemon

Katamari (My personal favorite!)

Hello Kitty

The ideas and possibilities are endless!!! Cheers to bento box meals FOREVER!!!
If you ever want to learn how to create your own, just google up bento box and thousands of users all over the internet post up their own projects as well as cooking instructions to make hundreds of recipes! Happy Cooking!