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About 5 days ago I had the opportunity to go check out a local fashion show at Ultra with my fashionista friends, and must say I had a blast!
The music was good, and i loved the cooky design set up. Entrance into the lounge was hidden into secrecy with opaque thick alligator printed vinyl, black and shiny. Angry looking roosters filled the walls of the lounge, printed on translucent sheer drapery hung from high ceilings. Glass tables with dim lighting that enabled groups to create tight knit social gatherings.

John Frieda was sponsoring John Varvatos' fashion show that night and were handing out freebies to anyone heading towards the back washroom area, so that was definitely a nice surprise. The fashion show started an hour past it's original planned schedule (like that's any surprise, fashion shows are always "fashionably" late haha) 

And showcased a collection of menswear for fall/winter collection, with neutral palette shades that emphasized on layering and texture. I personally felt the style of the collection was very much "london" with derby hats and long wool scarves, and finishing off each look with tall slender silhouettes. There were lots of knits used to break up the solid flat textures in the collection, and a bit of innovation to change up the traditional classic cuts typically found in menswear designs.

Overall it was a nice show, something definitely appropriate to the audience it was appealing to. Okay, well enough of the fashion chat- and onto pictures! Below are some photos taken the night of Ultra :) Enjoy!
From Left: Antonio Trombatore,Sonia K Quaintrella,(Yours truly,Miss Veruca Cyn),Mehreen, Ranu!

Emily Woudenberg & I

Kallvis Gents & I

With Sonia (Quaintrella) taken on her iphone!

Love always,
Miss Veruca Cyn