Where To Begin In the Land Of Cyn

I have been up to a lot of mischievous things lately. The best way for me to share is to begin showing photos taken of my activities in the past few months.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I have been working a new clothing collection inspired by the concept of Alice In Wonderland, but with my own take and approach on it. The collection is basically the perception of how my magical world of surrealism, fantasy, and land of Cyn would be like. I had the chance to collaborate with Iris Lee jewellery designer of Black Iris Design to come up with some statement pieces that were whimsical, and victorian inspired- yet all still very organically shaped, as if they were drawn with an ink pen.

Thanks to Michael Zahra, what helped shape and mold the end product of my newest collection was to the inspiration of this secret mansion- seeing the location in person solidified my overall concept. I also can't forget to mention for effects we had the wonderful opportunity to use a fog machine, yay for even more awesome dreaminess added to the atmosphere. :)

The fabric materials used in this collection consists of some knit stretch lace and many yards of synthetic sheer organza and chiffon, they are light and flowy in appearance but thin and crisp to the touch.

By far this type of fabric has been the most difficult to work with, learning to be able to use it to it's best advantage was tricky. I had to take consideration when designing on how the material's assets would best be shown off, yet able to meet the expectations I had in mind- in order to successfully execute the designs for my collection. Designing with these types of fabrics in mind was one thing, creating them and seeing if it was a concept that was possible to be followed through was completely another.

I had such a great time, thank you everyone for this opportunity!

Below are photos from a shoot I had with Michael Zahra http://www.michaelzahra.com on November 26th 2011 in a beautiful fairytale mansion. Thank you to all the wonderful artists and proffessionals who partook in this collaboration: 
Photographer Edwin of www.SVphotography.ca  
Video Media Specialist Danny Santa-Ana
Jewellery Designer Iris Lee from Black Iris Design 
Hair stylist Jennifer Cutting
Makeup Artist Michelle Trinh
Models, Violet Love and Alexandra Miu

The video has finally arrived! Filmed and edited by the wonderful Danny Santa-Ana

Above: This gown that I have been working on, consists of 10 meters of fabric. Hand draped, hand sewn, then machine to reinforce all seams. 
  Danny the camera man working ever so hard on filming the making of this shoot
Above: The beautiful model Violet Love dressed in one of my newest outfit, made of sheer fabric and fuzzy black polka dots pairing with the faux fur sash, and decorated with jewellery custom created for this photo shoot by Iris from Black Iris Design

Above: Me, being an evil dictator. Ruling with an iron fist, I make sure to see of it that the models are posing seductively with all their inner diva might.
Black Iris and Myself posing for a photo together!
Above: These were a few of the jewellery pieces created for the shoot. Photos taken from Iris' blog for you to see :) Aren't they so enchanting? For more photos please visit her blog 
  Above: Photographer Edwin taking some shots at the beautiful staircase of this mansion
Above: Michael Zahra taking photos of the models
All photos in this blog were taken by Iris Lee and Jennifer Cutting, thank you for having your cameras that day!