A Day at CNE

August 31st I spent the day at CNE, and this is what I did :) 
Warning: this entry is picture heavy!

  Yes. I did it. Extremely fattening and oozing within every surface of this thing screams heart attack. Finally tasted Deep Fried Mars Bar. It was extremely sweet, but over all a very weird experience.
 Pickled onion chips called Monster Munch, a product sold from Britain if I am correct. Then there is the all time worse item on the menu of all that was being sold, Deep Fried Mars Bar wrapped in Bacon. I can totally envision that to be something coming from Epic Meal time. Don't know who they are? Please, help yourself to their youtube channel here.
I am officially a proud owner of the Venus Fly Trap. I can't wait till it grows up nice and snappy! I will write a seperate article about this altogether, since it is so special and dear to me :) I've been wanting a Venus plant for the longest time!

 I had a great time spending the day at CNE, it has been years since i've gone back- online ticket purchasing really has changed the way long line ups would form at the gates, back from half a decade ago! That is all for now, until next time!

Yours truly, 
Veruca Cyn