FAQ: What Can Tarot Do For Me | I've Never Had A Tarot Reading Before, What Can I Expect

What Can Tarot Do For Me?

    Tarot Readings have the potential to help you discovered hidden aspects about yourself, and or aspects about yourself that you may have possibly hid even from yourself. Often times when we turn to tarot readings there is an air of excitement and intrigue, we are anticipating the stories and messages that will unravel for the possible future that lies before us. Tarot reading with the right reader can help you uncover realizations of the past, present and future enabling for you to make much more informed decisions from a place of empowerment and clarity. 

    Depending on your needs, tarot can uncover a wide scope on the multifaceted aspects of our lives- whether it be love, finance, career, friendship, mental health. You can use the knowledge presented to you from a tarot reading to empower yourself, solve a longstanding problem in your life, or simply dismiss it. At the end of the day we all have free will, and you as the querent is free to do what you will with the information provided to you.    

I've never had a tarot reading before, what can I expect?

    All you need for a reading session with me is to bring yourself. Sit back, relax, and come to the reading with an open heart and mind. During the reading I will be receiving and relaying messages from both your spirit guides and ancestors, as well as mine. You may find that after watching and listening to the tarot reading session, that there is a lot of information and perspectives to process. I strongly suggest for you to take time letting all the messages to sink in, and to come back to the reading again at a later time when you are ready. 
    The tarot reading done for you can be viewed infinitely, you will come to discover that there will be many hidden nuggets which during the first few times of watching and listening; you may have overlooked. This is the case due to the fact that the readings I conduct tend to be multifaceted, multilayered, addressing matters in your life in terms both literal and metaphorically. You will discover new aspects and personal realizations from our tarot reading sessions, over the duration of watching it multiple times. These realizations and perspectives will be revealed to you over time as you warm up to and become more accustomed to the practice of adjusting your mindset towards your own life, and most importantly towards how you view yourself.

When you receive a reading from Veruca Cyn it will provide you with deep introspection and new thoughts, that will lead to the birthing of new questions in which you will develop towards your own life. My intentions are to set you onto the path and journey to developing a truly deep personal relationship with yourself, ultimately leading you towards personal empowerment.