Updates & Changes To Our Tarot Reading Services!

I am happy to announce that there is changes and updates to my Tarot Reading Services on my Official Website =^_^=

     I have opened up a new way for you all to have access to me and my spiritual insights, by now offering different "Tarot Reading Packages" in the option of multiple tier prices! Furthermore, I want you all who love the way I read, and trust in returning to me for guidance and insight to have different levels of advice and choices to choose from moving on forward.      I understand that not everyone needs an hour-long reading, and in fact that may be overwhelming to some of you- and now there are bite-sized readings available in different tier pricing! This is also great for those moments when you are looking for an energetic vibe check update, and had already gotten a full reading from me before- and want to make sure you are still on the path towards your desired goals!      For those of you who have never had the chance to get a reading from me before my prices were raised, now is a great opportunity to be able to book a small reading package from me; to get a taste of how I can work with you to become your spiritual advisor/ spiritual coach. Even if you are currently on a tight budget this will be a perfect option to help keep you aligned on making the best choices for your desired outcome, in whichever aspect of life you choose to get insight on. Please take the time to peruse and check out the new tier packages available, and feel free to ask me any questions whether by email or when you catch me live on Twitch (Which I intend to return this coming Thursday June 10th @ 6PM EST- 8PM EST)

     Looking forward to hearing from you, and excited to be able to provide a wider access of help to my wonderful Cynners. XOXOX Sincerely, Veruca Cyn :Cynface: :WarriorUwU: