October Tarot Reading Special!

    Hello Cynner! I hope you have been well, and that this summer of 2023 had treated you well. Today, I present to you a special event that will be taking place on our Instagram platform, so if you love free stuff - keep on reading!

At the beginning of my tarot reading career, I used to provide short mini readings to my clients! They were a great way to get quick and useful insight on a given situation, and to bring relief and clarity on knowing what actions best to take within the moment. I want to be able to assist you in your daily and weekly endeavors, so this is why I am bringing this feature back! 

For the month of October 4th - November 4th 2023 we will be offering free mini tarot readings on Instagram, this offer is available exclusively on our Instagram platform. 1 reading per person! The reading will be sent to you in the format of a written message in an image. 

The conditions are as the following: 

We share your reading publically across all of our social media platforms to promote our services. You may use initials to stay anonymous.

To enter:

1. Follow us on Instagram

2. Share our IG post on your stories & tag us

3. Tag a friend who would like a free reading!

If you are happy with your free reading and would like additional mini readings, please visit our shop here for our prices, Or go to our menu on the top of this website at "Book A Tarot Reading" and you will find our mini readings menu under "Mini Readings".

We offer 1, 2, and 3 question combos as well as daily and weekly guidance mini readings at a very great price!

*Processing time for free mini readings to be completed can take up to 7 business days or longer, depending on the amount of entries submitted during the time of the event. 

P.S. If you haven't already, giving us a follow on Instagram would be a great way to get monthly mini collective readings which we share on our IG Reels, and see some sneak peaks on any new designs we may be working on before it gets posted on here in our blogs! :)

All my love, 


Veruca Cyn