Banana Republic

This is an example of what you may call a more classic take on the trend of "tiered skirts" that have a twist by using asymmetrical lengths for each layer on the skirt. You can say this is a more abstract version of the well know Flapper Girl style, from the era of 1920's.

Simple, lightweight fabric- that is a nice shade of sheen metallic-like cool gray; this skirt fits comfortably on the body, completely breathable and soft. Pairing it with a nice set of tights- even thicker weight, would provide a decent amount of warmth when wearing it in cooler weather- but is preferably better for an indoor environment, or the season of fall. Colors such darker shades of purple, black, even a darker shade of cooler gray would pair nicely together- for tights or shoes. This will be the perfect way to add a splash of color!

Link to Tiered Skirt

The different varieties of tights that can be paired with this skirt:

From far left to right: Floral Patterned Lace Tights,Opaque Burgundy Tights, Opaque Black Tights.

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