Tomorrow I plan to visit the fabric shops downtown to purchase several meters of fabric so I can reproduce the designs from my Personal Identity mini collection. It is inspired by the pondering thoughts and inquiries of society's way of structure.

My caption describes this collection as "High society. This is to question sexuality, personal beliefs, and acceptance to others around us. Do we judge more then we should, are we really all that different from each other?"

This explains the reasons as to why my designs has been presented the way it has. Both metaphorically and physically- the zipped masks act like a shield of hiding or preventing others from seeing oneself for who they truly are. Whether this stems from personal fear of vulnerability or wanting acceptance from external sources like peers. In the core of it all, we are all the same- so who are we kidding, to others? Ourselves? Or both?

Below is a photo taken of the Personal Identity collection. Credits go to Ronnel Panizares, a talented photographer of Modern Day Anti Hero.

zipperdressbeach.jpg picture by Deathbutton

You can view the rest of my collection by visiting my online portfolio- or clicking on the Veruca Cyn banner on the top right hand side of the page.