Official Website of Veruca Cyn

We never truly got to take the time to celebrate the official launch of Veruca Cyn, and so today this is exactly what we're going to do! 

We present you the official page of Veruca Cyn.

Below are some screen shots of our website, to get the full experience we highly suggest you visit the actual website. It has been a lot of hard work building up enough content to be able to fill a site, but we have made it and done so. Many of our collaborations and photo shoots featuring both collections, as well as work for clients, and materials from press; are all compiled into this place. There was a point where we wondered if this blog should be continued altogether, but refrained from removing it as this is the one place where many readers come to gain a further understanding of who we are; and the work progress that is involved with the duty of being a designer.  

Veruca Cyn has been an ongoing developing online brand, starting out as a speck of grain on the face of the internet, and has been growing steadily into a refined brand which we have envisioned for it to become. We want to take the time today to say a very big deep heartfelt thank you, to all of our supporters, friends and family. It has been a long way from the beginning, learning everything from bottom to top. We hope you continue to enjoy the creative process, and products created during the present and into our future endeavors. None of this would be possible without all of your enthusiasm, and love.  

We will continue to engage in collaborations with the creative and talented individuals in our fashion industry, but there will be some pretty interesting and new changes happening to the face of Veruca Cyn in the near future! As the next few months unravel, some very new and exciting materials and updates will be taking place. We will keep the details under wraps for now, but keep your eyes on our following posts for the big reveal. The next topic to be discussed will start the journey of a new mission in our plans, and possible a complete revolution on the approach of Veruca Cyn.  

Yours truly,
Miss Veruca