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A model i've done makeup for in the El Macambo fashion show has asked me to do makeup for one of her friends who happen to be a fashion designer, and is having a show at the King Edward Hotel downtown in Toronto and is in need of a makeup artist!

When I arrived, there was about 2 other makeup artists aside from myself preparing the amount of 20 models. It was such a thrill and great experience to be a part of it all.

That day was a wonderful opportunity to meet all sorts of designers and artists. I thank them all for being so kind to my second time being as a makeup artist.

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Inside the actual room where guests will be seated.
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They have such beautiful chandeliers.
Speaking of chandeliers- I recorded the beautiful chandeliers hung above the high ceilings of the show room. They change colors!!!

I apologise for the sideways video- I haven't figured out how to turn it right side up haha

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My premature makeup kit. New family members will be joining soon :)