FAQ: What Is A Psychic?

What Is A Psychic? 

    The better question would be, how does fortune telling or tarot reading actually work? I would like to reframe this popular question due to the connotations and meanings that is associated with being called a "Psychic" or  "Fortune Teller". The question truly is a loaded one. Let me break it all down for you. When you go to a tarot reader and ask them what it means to be a Psychic, or what a "Fortune Teller" is- I'm pretty confident that your main intention is to try and understand the world of those who practice spirituality, and their uses on a variation of divination tools to aid in accessing knowledge from the "unknown". 

    Whether you learned or were told by those who have seen it on social media, news, or movies- this sort of practice is always portrayed in a "peculiar" light. You may even notice that our favorite protagonists and or antagonists, even side characters tend to be seen using divination tools like Ouija boards or tarot cards in attempts to make "contact" with the other side. Personally, it is really hard for me to continue  breaking this all down for you without rolling my eyes and cringing. I say this because just like you- before I entered the gateways of spirituality and did my research and took the time to learn; esoteric knowledge and use of these tools are so poorly represented and misinterpreted from the actual practice itself. I can definitely tell you there is a lot of stigma and misunderstandings, to the practices and knowledge of spirituality that extends outside the perspective of monolithic religion.

The Technical Definition of a Psychic

    Now that we got the appetizers out of the way, let's dive right into the main course. The actual definition of what a Psychic means according to Oxford Language Dictionary, which I found to be most neutral and accurate is: "

Relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

"Psychic powers""  

Terminologies pertaining to telepathy, clairvoyance will be further explained in here.

The definition of a Fortune Teller according to Merriam-Webster is: 

"a person who claims to use special powers to tell what will happen to someone in the future a person who tells people's fortunes"

    Now let's move onto the main focus of this conversation today. Typically, when you decide to go and have your "fortune" read (and I'm saying all of this with air quotations...) the most common conventional approach would be to attend a local Psychic Vendor event, and or find Psychics online either through social media platforms like YouTube or phone applications. What I want you to know is that every person who you meet that is involved within this line of work, actually approaches their practices and methods differently from one another. No two are the same.

    For example, just like how we use our daily 5 senses to navigate the world and come to the decisions we make on how we decide to go forward in life with the actions we choose to take- Psychics/Fortune Tellers do the same, except their senses are beyond the current 5 senses in which we are familiar with. Not all tarot readers and or spiritual practitioners believe in spirits, deities, Gods or Goddesses, or God. 

Fast Food Spirituality & Marketing

    Yes you read this correctly. Yes I coined this term. Now let's talk about it. The term Fortune Teller is a popular terminology that I am fairly partial about, and here's why. Being labelled as a fortune-teller implies that you can and are here to solely focus on predicting one's fortune and future. Hence, why they refer to the person as a fortune....teller. Although it can be an empowering experience to know one's future, it can also be just as crippling if it isn't a future we wish to have. For half a decade of being someone who is deems herself a Psychic (me), I must boldly say: "To know your future is useless- if you first don't choose to understand your past". 

    This is slowly becoming a bit less common nowadays but still happening frequently enough for me to talk about it. We as a society tend to be impatient by nature and loath working on personal development. Sadly, I believe currently that if spiritual marketing referred to our line of work as "Spiritual Advisors" instead of "Fortune Tellers" more often than not, people lost interest. Why? Because it's easier and far more amusing to be told your future, as apposed to taking the time to learn about your tendencies and how it unfolds into what we know and consider your future.

    This type of behavior in humanity is easily seen in the fitness industry and the food industry. We want results fast in 30 days, and believe taking diet pills will be the one fit solution. We buy processed and inorganic food because it's cheaper, and we are "too busy" to learn about eating healthier. Ironically if we took the time to educate and integrate both these aspects of our lives, our overall quality of life would drastically improve.  Please keep in mind not every spiritual practitioner (someone who is in this line of work) shares the same views as me. We are all on different paths of our journey in life, and have differing beliefs and perspectives on this aspect in the approach and use of spirituality. This is simply mine. 

People tend to say that history repeats itself, and that phrase could not be further from the truth when it comes to an individual who presents themselves to a spiritual practitioner for help in any area of their life. We most often tend to repeat our waking life experiences, unless we take the time to stop and observe where the patterns lay within our actions. The one thing that is more important than our actions if we were to take another step back, is that of the choices in our decisions. Another step back from that is how we think. Another step back from that is how our mindset is shaped, and more specifically the type of external influences that we constantly choose to expose ourselves to every day. This may have been a bit too deep for the topic at hand, but I believe that is enough scratching of the surface to get you thinking and understanding where I'm coming from. 


We now confidently say that we understand the actual term and definition of what it means to be a Psychic or a Fortune Teller, and the various ways each spiritual practitioner may or may not approach their divination tools.