Good morning people! I had woken up too early this morning for reasons unknown, possibly having too much on my mind- so i thought I should make a post.

So it finally came to the point where I began running out of business cards, I didn't create too many to start with- but my originals were white background with black font. Originally I had wanted them the reverse way, but at the time I was under rushed circumstances and had my first set of cards D.I.Y.'ed meaning they were printed from home. Because they were printed from home, it wasn't practical for me to have black background with white fonts- imagine how much ink I would need!!! and on top of that, they wouldn't be the moment water comes in contact, everything will be bleeding.

I never took photos of the original white cards, but because I just realized this I will do that and update this post later on with it. This is the original white background with black font, having a very clean and modern feel.

(So i've added the photos taken of my first business cards, here they are- ta da!!!)

I love how the creepy eye adds to the impression of my cards...

Yesterday I decided to make orders for a new set of business cards, this time- yes. They are black background against white font! :) I'm very excited about them, they will be arriving in a few weeks so I will post a picture up when I get my dirty little hands on them to show you all how they turned out. I personally hope they turned out well, (as I will be stuck with them until they are all given away haha).

These are the ones I have sent to be printed and packaged!
Although they are exactly the same as the white ones, they have a very different feel compared to them. Instead of the clean modern impression, I get a darker more sleeker feel and somewhat flashy too- as they will be glossed and double sided, in contrast to the matte white cards I currently have.
*squeals* And yes I noticed that black images against black blog background isn't too good, but ah well.

Update of new cards in the near future!