Veruca Returns

Hello all! I have been gone for some time, life hit me in the face and I have been trying to learn to get the hold of it for the past few months. Needless to say I've upgraded my lifestyle with the aid of purchasing a 4 month span wall calendar (dry erase marker types) following with my usual aid of a weekly handheld planner, which i can break down each day in detail how I choose to spend it.

So the past month and leading into September, i've decided to make a personal commitment to become more dedicated to my love for the fashion industry and attended a few workshops that helped brushed up some skills I had and would need as an independent designer.

I've met quite a bunch of really cool people, and have been attending social events and getting to know more people within this glamorous world!

Meet Sonia! She is a really cool jewellery designer who love all things romantic influenced, with a strong dash of japanese fashion, a pinch of cute things, and sprinkle of taxidermy to top it all off.

Quaintrella is where you can read more about her!

Below is a photo of us dolled up for a local toronto artist exhibition gallery event, Me: left, sporting red victory rolls & Sonia with her insanely cute sequined bow head piece.

I will be posting in the next short while, see you all again soon!

Love Always, 
Miss Veruca Cyn