Healing Your Relationship With Money. Money Trauma. Shifting Your Money Mindset. Overcoming Money Blocks.


After Mercury Retrograde, a PC Factory Reset, and re-installing everything back in- I now present to you my latest get ready with me video where I chit-chat about everything I've learned thus far about money. 

I cannot stress to you the importance of healing our relationship with money, acknowledging and addressing our money trauma, and finding ways to shift our money mindset. 

It was not and still is not an easy feat walking down this journey of understanding and developing my own relationship with money, and for the first time owning up to the fears that were projected onto me growing up as a child learning about how money worked in this world.

I hope this video brings you a new perspective, and expands the way you consciously think about money moving forward. Watch the video here or click the image above.

All my love,
Veruca Cyn