Photo Shoot Collaboration with Jeff Hui

On December 3rd 2011 I had the pleasure of doing a collaboration with photographer Jeff Hui featuring my newest collection "In The Land Of Cyn". Upon sharing my inspiration for this collection with Jeff, he had the perfect location to portray my designs and thus showed me this temple which to me- looked perfectly like a Sultan's Castle. 

 The architectural structure of the building was very interestingly shaped, and I couldn't help but immediately think of Aladdin! We had decided to have the shoot take place at sunset, so we could capture the warm light changing rapidly into darkness.

Being in the month of December, the weather outside was quite cold- By the time the sun had start to set, it became terribly freezing out. Anne-Marie and Dina were both such troopers to model my sheer-barely-there clothing designs in such strong gusting winds. 

Surprisingly the weather had worked to our advantage despite how cold it was, having those strong winds near the end of our photo shoot actually brought my designs much more to life in a dramatic story-telling way. One fond memory I can recall from this shoot while shivering uncontrollably- was how incredible Anne-Marie looked during the last scene. With the Sultan's Castle towering above her, she stood strong with the 10 meters of sheer polka dot synthetic chiffon that was flowing in the wind, rippling with the strong currents creating the appearance of a gown with such endless pouring stream of train.   

Those who were a part of this magical foreign photo shoot are:
Photographer Jeff Hui
Photo Assistant Henny Hwang
Makeup Artist Elle Simone
Hair, NC Salon

Above: Awesome shots taken from Dan Zeng, hairstylist of NC Salon
Above: Model with dark hair is Dina, model with blonde hair Anne-Marie
Above: Twisted cornrows on Dina's head, nice sleek strong lines
 Above: I know, I know...these aren't the natural colors of the world. But it was how I viewed it the entire time. :)
 Above: A beautiful hairstylist who works in NC Salon had such gorgeous hair, I HAD to take a photo with her!
Above: It wasn't until afterwards, we realized Dina and Jeff had very similar looking hairstyles
Above: Myself and Anne-Marie while she was having her huge hair being de-afroed
Dan Zeng, thanks for being such a sweetheart the entire time being the perfect human clothes hanger! It really did save my pants from all the mud we trekked through that day.