Official Veruca Cyn S/S 2021 Micro Capsule Collection


This April 30th 2021 will be the official Veruca Cyn Collection drop date!!! Wooo!!!

Time of listing and shop I am aiming for 12PM EST

It has been a long time coming since my online shop has new inventory. After so many years, we are finally having a complete rebranding. Since this is all happening during the Pandemic, naturally- the clothing and product photos will have to be modelled by and taken by yours truly. It is hugely nerve wracking since being in front of the camera and representing my own clothing designs is a huge step personally. 

For years, I've had models within the industry wear it and shoot in it, I got accustomed to being in the shadows as my creations were brought forth into the light- only to come to life when worn by another person. As a personal online shopper, I understand the significance of being able to see, feel and touch a product before buying it. Of course, we cannot do this through the computer screen, but the next closest thing are great photos, and videos. Over the next few days I will be working diligently, editing an upcoming YouTube video where I will be personally trying on the collection and modelling it. Here you will get an excellent feel and idea of how the item and designs will behave on your own body as well. I am aiming for the video to be up by Sunday, April 25th 2021. 

The collection will be a rather small one, consisting of about 10 pieces. Spring/Summer will be the focus. It is what I have created up to this point before going on a hiatus while rediscovering my journey and life purpose again, so if I were to have to estimate- these creations were sitting in my studio for the past year and a half. I hope to distribute these creations and have them up on the shop available for all to see and hopefully purchase if it is within your taste and interest. As previously stated, they will be suitable and catering towards petite women like me. Once these pieces are up, I will begin working on the next collection. 

This is all the news I have for now in terms of my clothing and what will be listed in the shop soon. 

Much Love,

Veruca Cyn