The Art of Living

For all the fashion conscious people out there, this is the perfect book for you all to pick up and take a read into! It is of course, about clothes. Written by John Harvey, he thoroughly examines the many aspects of clothing and it's impact on our everyday lives- whether if we are aware of this or not. Definitely an interesting read, and something to consider if you are into sociology and philosophy.

"What shall I wear today? Who Shall I be? Whether it's a pair of old jeans, a smart, job-clinching suit or the latest haute couture creation, we know that what we choose to wear each day is an important matter. Whether we are rebels, conservatives or trendsetters, our clothes say something about how we feel and the image we want to present to the world. They reflect our individuality, wealth and position in society. Shell suits, club ties, puffball skirts and cravats: clothes appal, enthral, amuse and confuse. In this fascinating book, John Harvey steals a look inside the modern-day wardrobe to reveal how, by being aware of the role clothes play in our lives, we can come to know and better understand who we are."