Just under a few weeks ago I had volunteered to help out a friend with her fashion show event for Scallyrags Design showcasing her six peice collection, which was showcased alongside with seven other local designers of Toronto. Usually I would have immediately assigned myself as a dresser backstage, helping models get into the required wardrobe before they get onto the runway; but this time I wanted to grasp the opportunity of playing the role as a makeup artist! Originally there had been plans to have students from Seneca College who were studying makeup to come volunteer for this event, but as we got there- only a few actually showed up. I saw this as an immediate situation for myself to step in, and experience first hand in experiencing another aspect of running a fashion show.

Jillian Couture and her models representing Scallyrags Design

Backstage of the fashion show where everyone was getting prepared

Upclose shot of the makeup job i've done on Krystal and Tawny

Hallway of the 2nd floor inside El Mocambo leading towards the
bar room where the fashion show is to take place

The sitting area of the bar room where friends and families have joined

You can see more of Scallyrags Designs by visiting!