Hello everyone!  I'm back and with update :)
I have been making progress on my latest project called Veruca in Cynner's Land, which is a mini collection inspired and loosely interpreted in the context of Alice in Wonderland. As you can see in my previous entry I have posted up an illustration of how I had planned to go about designing one of the major pieces in the collection, including a few behind the scene photos of my work in progress and a thorough explanation delving into my mind of how I went about solidifying the concept.

So here's more sneak peak into what i've been up to.

Rinse and Repeat...
This design currently in progress consists exactly 10 meters of fabric. 
I'm practically sewing a fabric swamp.

My most recent and happiest purchase was a rolling hem foot, it has made my sewing much more pleasurable and the results are oh-so-pretty. At the moment two outfits are sooooooo close to being completed with just a few finishing touches left to do in order to consider them to be completed. At the moment I am debating whether I should create 3 or 5 outfits, but considering the time frame I will be working under I will focus on three solid designs and broaden it once that has been accomplished.

 I am starting on the third one now. Currently finalizing my illustration design concept before I carry on to start making the actual garment! And no, I will not be posting any more photos or illustrations of the other two designs ;) That will have to wait *cackles*

For the third design, I will be leaving that a complete mystery. Yes, I love you too.