Valentines Day: Making Chocolate Truffles

I know Valentine's day has well been over and done with, but I will continue to update what I have been up to for the past few months regardless! :)
A good friend of mine held a yummy chocolate making class teaching how to make chocolate truffles, mmMMMmmm how delicious.

After showing us how to combine ingredients in preparing the "filling" for the truffles and setting them into icing squeeze bags (I do not know the correct terms for this item haha), we each had a pot filled with melted chocolate, and began with our truffle making.

Upon filling the chocolate mold trays halfway using a spoon, we use a mini plastic paintbrush to spread the chocolate liquid outwards, covering the edges and the rim as it slowly cools we take from the center to build up on the sides to create a shell.
Afterwards once the shell has hardened, using the icing bags filled with truffle mix we can fill the molds a quarter way leaving the top some space to be filled with the rest of liquid chocolate. 

The chocolate truffles ended up tasting very delicious, they were not too sweet and just the perfect amount of filling :)