How It's Like To Live In The 70's

I've always wondered what it's like to go rollerskating in a traditional "oldschool" roller rink. So a few weeks ago I decided to google and search up local skate rinks nearby Toronto, and found one around Mississauga. It was a relatively small skate rink, but none-the-less still looked very much the type seen in music videos like Jessica Simpson's "Public Affair".The crowd was an older age group, many of which are reliving their youth so to speak. 

     Some ladies had rounded out afro hairstyles with bell bottom jeans, while some men had handlebar mustache and fitted polo shirts sort of like some greaser from the 70's show.Watching them roller skate was very intriguing as their form of skating was like a form of alien communication! In other words, it looked like a type of line dancing- where one person would initiate the dance move, and people will slowly join behind and repeat the same move in unison. This is what I find so fascinating in subcultures, as there is no other way to understand how something is created unless you immerse yourself into the activity itself- and learn how they love to express themselves best, and ultimately how a type of etiquette was found.

It was very interesting how they knew what type of dance moves to pull in the rink, as there could be so many ways of dancing. I watched in awe as I just strolled along in my regular inline skates :)

Being the type of person I am, I had decided to dress up for the occasion and do my makeup the way I imagined myself to be like if I was born a few generations earlier!

Green lipstick called "Mint To Be" by Lime Crime Cosmetics & Holographic Eyeshadow called Hollywood by Glamor Doll Eyes!
And yes I shaved the side of my hair in the beginning of the year 2012, and did not make a post about it. Here is another photo of how my new haircut looks like :)

This hairstyle makes me feel like a warrior women, strong and full of confidence. It's amazing how hairstyles and clothing can impact ones mood and how they view themselves.