During the month of October Veruca Cyn was published in an online U.K. based magazined called La Damme. This is very exciting news! We hope readers from the United Kingdom will enjoy this project from our wonderful team, and thank you once again to the magazine of La Damme!
     "The Androgyny project was to show that not everything in life is black & white. It isn't just about gender roles, or about men and women. Photos depicting a man transitioning into a woman, symbolizes many things. Feeling like the opposite gender, or maybe even feeling both. Feeling masculine when you're a woman, or feeling feminine when you're a man.
It's about everything in between. All the truths we turn our cheeks to. They are be
autiful, and they exist. It's time to face it."

Photography: Neeto Da Silva
Model: Alaiksandra Hurynvich
Agency: ICON Model Management
Designers: Veruca Cyn, Nordem Hirst, Sonia Kang
Stylists: Miss Veruca & Sonia Kang
Makeup/Hair: Remi Suzuki
Location: George R. Gardiner Museum & Club Monaco Building
Below are unseen photos that were not published in the magazine, they are in the true order depicting the transition of what seems to be a man, turning into a woman. 

To see the editorial spread for La Damme, 
view the rest here: http://www.ladamme.com/a