Holiday & New Year Give Away

Hello everyone :)

On December 24th, 2012 at 11:00 A.M. There will be a contest for the free give away will be taking place on Veruca Cyn's Facebook Page. If you are interested in being entered for this draw, the requirements are simple: 

"Like" and "Share" the photo of the item that is being given out for your chance to win! 

This is a fitted bottom hybrid skirt & booty shorts combo! The features of the "skirt" are composed of a kimono sleeve style.

This item can be easily paired with a classic fitted blouse, simple sheer tops and leggings topped with heels. A perfect way to create a classic elegant cocktail looking outfit, but yet- not exactly the everyday fashion wardrobe you can find in stores around you.

The winner of this contest will have this item custom tailored to fit their size, and a choice to choose between black lace (sheer) or black lace (lined)- illustration shown is an example of how the "cut" of the garment will be constructed! 
Link here-
It can be the perfect garment for the start of 2013 to incorporate into your wardrobe ♥
Keep your eyes open for this, good luck!!!