Welcome! You have arrived at the website of Veruca Cyn. We specialize in providing spiritual services and products such as clothing, personally designed and handmade by the designer and Mystic herself. To learn more about who Veruca Cyn is and the history behind it, click here.


Veruca Cyn is here to empower and unleash the hidden potential in those who seek to live a glamorous life of personal empowerment, deeper clarity, and self awareness. Our clothing creations and transcendental services are designed with the intention to wake the sleeping giant deep within you. Veruca Cyn has powerful clothing and spiritual insights that will enchant and add to any existing wardrobe. In both your closet and your mind, Veruca Cyn will seamlessly integrate the internal changes that will take place in your life and assist you with integrating the new you back into the external world around yourself. Veruca Cyn will satiate your mind, body and soul elevating your need to live a powerful, unapologetic, and passionate life.