FAQ: How Does Cyn Conduct Her Readings?

How Do You Conduct Your Tarot Readings?

    I as a spiritual practitioner I believe in communicating with my Ancestors and spirit guides, which consists of a long lineage of my familial bloodline and several deities and influential figures over the decades of human history. When I conduct a Tarot reading for you, with your consent I open the communication lines with your Ancestors and Spirit Guides, God, Gods or Goddesses for deeper insight and clarity. 

My readings consist of diving into your subconscious and helping you understand the way you live, act, and perceive the world around you. I bring to awareness any opportunities or circumstances that you may be overlooking that would be of great benefit to you. Once these aspects are analyzed and thoroughly explained, I then help you integrate these concepts and newfound perspectives into your existing reality. Providing practical advice and tips on how you can approach and conduct yourself moving forward to stand the best possible chance for an outcome you desire.

    During the reading I may relay messages that expand on specific parties that are involved,  you are encouraged to rearrange the circumstances of the individuals as you see fit. For example: I may discuss about an individual in a situation behaving in a particular way towards you, if the actions and details sounds like it fits you being the person behaving a particular way instead ; then please switch the roles accordingly. Tarot readings conducted by me tend to be multifaceted, multilayered and are complex with an abundance of information. You may find that you will have to return to the reading more than one occasion, in order to get the full value and bigger picture of it all. There may be hidden nuggets of information or perspectives that reveal themselves in the form of metaphors, or examples you may not have noticed the first time around whilst listening- so I highly urge for you to take your time and revisit your readings from me over a span of a few weeks, months, or even a year. 

    If at any time the readings or certain areas of the reading does not resonate, do your best to keep an open mind and return to the reading at a later time. Those details revealed in the reading may have not unfolded yet, and or may never. This is because Tarot reading allows for a glimpse into our infinite possible futures and paths that can take place, but it is ultimately up to us to make that decision and take that action for life to progress forward. Your life also involves a lot of moving and ever-changing components such as other lives and influences that makes up the reading, and these external influences and parties involved can change at any time themselves. If there is any moment in the reading where you hear of an outcome or situation unfolding in a manner you dislike, you are in full control of making the necessary steps and decisions to redirect your life in another way. I will see to it that there is practical advice for you to do so. 

    There may be times when a reading I conduct will suggest for you to seek professional guidance and refer to help from practitioners such as a therapist, doctor, lawyer, or any practitioner that is fully licensed and informed to make the best decision for your specific area of concern in life. My tarot readings are meant to shed some light on particular areas that mine and your ancestors and guides wish for you to pay more attention towards. My intentions are to empower you, uplift you, and bring deeper awareness and mindfulness towards yourself. With the wisdom and information given unto you, know that from here the rest is up to you, and the choices in your life are in your hands to choose.