Hello my Cynners,

The video for Veruca Cyn Spring/Summer 2021 Mini Capsule Collection is now out to watch! These will be the pieces that are going to be available for sale and listed on my online shop this coming April 30th 2021 around 12pm Est. The reason why I decided to make this video is because I thought that it is particularly important to see a clothing piece in "action" and not just still photo, and I wanted to give you all a good idea of how it performs and fits on the body. 

It was extremely nerve wracking for me to do something like this, and I suppose you can say that in this video I officially step out of my "fashion closet" and I am representing my own creations for the first time. The sizing for these pieces are petite in nature, so ideally if you have a small or short torso- these creations will be perfect for you. This will be the first of many more mini capsule collections to come, so I certainly do hope you like it- and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at or leave a comment on my video! 

I will also be posting photos of the clothing pieces on various social media platforms so that way you won't miss it, and will be making another blog in the near future with the images here as well for those who prefer to read my entries :) 

Talk soon! 

With love,
Veruca Cyn