From the very top of my head, BEDO clothing is the best place for tall ladies and gents to shop. Their pants are always made a few inches longer for some reason, and have a wide assortment of suitings, dresses, jeans, and fashion tops. Just like every other clothing store, they keep up with the trends and seasons, and the plus side is that the pants are made longer!

Although my honest opinion is that not every one of their item is a catch, but there are a few needles in the haystack when it comes to choosing out separate pieces, and putting together the outfits instead of the laid out examples already given to us...

Here below are a few of the finest prepared outfits I like best from their lookbook!

(I strongly do not suggest pairing this plum top with another shade of purple stockings, go for black instead to balance off and bring out the detail of the black belt in the midsection of the body.)