I have always wanted to see this...maybe one day.

'Öthe most enchanting, spectacular, beautiful piece of fairytale that I think I'll ever see. I have the strangest feeling today, something in between grief and joy, sad that I will never see that beautiful Little Giant or that gargantuan Elephant and happy that I had the privilege to meet them. Thank you for reminding me how to be a child and for realising that cynicism is not a way of life!'
Londoner, 8th May 2006

The above statement was quoted from a fortunate spectator who got to witness in person this wonderful performance.
One day as I was web surfing, I stumbled onto a video clip on youtube about this giant little girl- and I tell you, it was the most stunning puppeteer mastery i`ve ever laid eyes on since the ventriloquist puppets!

There is honestly no better way to explain to you then to just simply show you the video clip I originally discovered, please pardon the lack of quality.

The Sultans Elephant Brings London To A Standstill

"London- May 05: A giant marionetted of a little girl is pictured in Waterloo Place on May 5, 2006 in central London. The French Theatre de Luxe company is performing street theatre set on the streets of London which features a 42-tonne mechanical elephant, a time-travelling Sultan, a 5-metre tall little girl and a crashing space ship.
Photo: Jim Dyson/Getty Images
May 05,2006"

Royal de Luxe has some of the most beautifully created characters, the amount of details and effort that has been put into this event is spectacular. I especially like how they`ve created a perfect dress to fit the Little Giant Girl, she even has socks!!!

The rocket that came from the sky
The_Sultans_Elephant-Rocket.jpg picture by Deathbutton
The Little Giant emerges from the rocket
littlegiantgirl.jpg picture by Deathbutton
The Sultans Elephant
140917668_86f0dcb3c2.jpg picture by Deathbutton

The elephants ears, they are made of texturized leather or fabrication of some sort- to have this lifelike movement and appearance to itself :) I can go on forever, but what I will do instead is just one more video to show you- and hopefully you too will be fascinated by it and want to see it in person as well.

Please visit The Sultans Elephant official website to learn more!