So I've finally collected enough photos from the show from other friends and photographers who were kind enough to post them online over the past week. Below are photos taken by Iris L. and Veronica L.

Photo taken backstage shortly after my designs have gone on the runway
Clockwise: Alexandra, Krystal, Britanny, Mavis, Janay (center) and myself.
Alexandra wearing the violet tulip dress
Mavis on the runway wearing the Birds of Paradise inspired dress

Thank you deeply once again to all those participated in the show, my great friends and helpers Iris L and Pavel I as both dressers and backstage camera man!
To all the models who walked on the runway for me, you ladies rocked it. Shout outs to Danielle M and Sara I for being the two best coordinators of this event, Diedre and Veronica L for hosting the show! :)
If I had left anyone names out please message me through email, and I will quickly fix it. You can find my contacts in the contacts section of the nagivation bar.


  1. sorry I wasnt able to come as I was working that night but everything looks so good on the pics! I miss you, we need to plan a little catch up asap!