It`s always so unnerving to imagine or see ruins of places that have been familiar to us, locations people live in and call home. When destruction and decay enters the scene, I almost feel like it unhinges all these feelings we humans attatch materialistically to the things we call ``home.`` And causes this awakening that from the beginning, that we`ve always lived in nature. From decades of paving and building, the world has created societies that look nothing remotely close to how nature is at its truest, rawest form.
Post-apocalyptic London as seen in the PC game, Hellgate London.
An artist's rendition of Moscow after 2012. Photo credit: English Russia
Rising waters in a post apocalyptic world overtake San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.
Photo credit: Wallpaper Abyss
Concrete has been replaced with greenery in this post apocalyptic image of Tokyo.
Photo credit: Pink Tentacle | Tokyo Genso (this artist has many more photos of Toyko decay!)
Three hundred years after the apocalypse, the Statue of Liberty lies in ruin on the ocean floor. Photo credit:
FIFTY YEARS AFTER PEOPLE: Down in Atlanta, the Kudzu vine has completely taken over downtown and is even causing catastrophic damage to buildings downtown. Even the Georgia Dome is no match for this natural predator.Link