Statement necklaces are fun jewelery to add a spunk of personality to your wardrobe, it is used to serve an extension of your own individuality and style in your already existing visual appearance. Statement pieces are large in size, and often brightly colored or dynamic in the details of the design. Some may be heavy, some light- and depending on the shape of these necklaces, you may have to consider the type of outfit you are choosing to pair it with. Some clothing that have large knits may not go well with jewelery that has sharp or rough texture, as they will catch onto the fabric of your outfit. Same applies for clothing that contains satin and silk fabrics. 

When I shop for statement necklaces, I keep an eye out for the proportion and size of the statement jewelery itself as I find I have a small framed face and short torso- so it is very easy to be overwhelmed with a large pendant piece that can take over the presence of my face and be hanging too low from my neck! The second factor is the weight of the piece, as I find heavy jewelry pieces irritate and weight down on my neck causing strain throughout my day. Third factor is the design and detail of the piece itself, does it express my style properly? Is it too whimsical or too edgy?
Fourth factor is the color of the jewelry I have selected. Does it compliment my skin tone and bring out my complexion? Or does it make me look bland and drabby?  

Finding a statement piece to compliment your already existing wardrobe is a  more practical and convenient way to spice up what you already wear everyday, without having to go the extra mile of adding on a new project of finding a new outfit altogether in order to suit a piece you like.  Most solid colored clothing, very plain in details- knit or weave of fabric texture is acceptable, will go well with statement jewelry as they wont try to fight or compete for attention but rather help emphasize the jewelery or compliment eachother.