First off i'd like to apologize for disappearing on a long hiatus for close to two months (or slightly even more). A lot of things are in the works at the moment, and i'm proud to announce that a website will be in the making within the near future for Veruca Cyn. So for all you viewers- this is a early notice that this blog will either redirect you to the actual site, no longer exist, or exist as a seperate entity relating to Veruca Cyn.

I've recently had the wonderful chance to do a photo shoot collaboration sometime in March with Joao Carlos and a team of photographers who participated in his workshop within this three day event. It was a great experience and I'm glad I participated!

Please feel free to have a look at the gallery section of this site, as I have updated it with a few new images!

There are many projects waiting to be done now that I've made some personal changes that will enable Veruca Cyn to become a vision that will manifest into a solidified idea. So please stay tuned! There will be much more to see.