I had decided it was time for me to start recording the process of my work as a designer and shed some light into the unknown aspects of my labor that many fashion lovers do not usually see. While creating my designs I tend to like sharing it with friends, my thoughts and inspirations on what it is I plan to make- So I thought it would be a good idea to also share it with my viewers, so they can understand me better as a designer and how I approach my work.

After many days of doing research and reading many online reviews on which digital slr camera would be best to have, I decided on a Pentax K-X. My reasons on choosing this camera were:

A. Pentax camera bodies can fit any pentax lens no matter what era it was made in, or what type.

B. Their image stabilizers are built into the camera body instead of the lens, making the lens a bit more affordable then most camera companies.

C. The K-X unlike it's big brother K-7 Which has a full stainless steel alloy frame, it is smaller, lighter and made of plastic. Many professionals complained that it was too small to hold and too light, like a cheap product- But my argument is that YOUR TALKING ABOUT A SMALL PETITE LADY WHOS GOING TO BE USING IT!!! It ended up fitting perfectly in my hands, and the weight of it wasn't light at all! In fact it was fairly well weighted, and wouldn't exactly tire me out if I were to carry it with me on my ventures outdoors.

D. Lastly, not being a pro photographer- I needed something that was user friendly, a nice introduction into the world of digital slrs, and this Pentax K-X has the perfect user friendly settings and editing programs built in (Not that I don't know how to use Photoshop/Illustrator on the computer to edit photos) And choosing this camera with such open options, will allow me to grow as I become more skilled with using it.

I chose the white model, I felt it suited me best :) So stay tuned as I will start posting process photos in the very near future.