Interesting Makeup Tutorials

I was browsing on you tube for some fun makeup looks that can be easily accomplished, and came across these few tutorials. Makeup can be quite fun, I admit I'm a bit more on the lazy side but watching videos like this reminds me how much excitement you can have with cosmetics and how much it can transform you!
This lady named Promise does really good replicas of celebrities and classic looks, I highly recommend you to check out her videos below :)

Then you have the even more outrageous makeup looks that a subculture in Japan follows, it is known as the Ganguro Girl look...observe below.

Photo by Around The World In Many Fashions

So Ganguro is known to be a type of Japanese Street Fashion which translates into the literal meaning "Black-Face". This consists of bleached hair, very dark tan, black eyeliner, white makeup around the eyes and lips, platform shoes, neon colored outfits, and lots of jewelery.

Photo by Fine Kettle Guide

Another bizarre look that already existed within the subculture of anime/manga lovers are what was originally known as "wee-a-boo", usually makeup worn in this manner is by fans of that subculture and they would be deemed a "wee-a-boo". Somehow along the line, Lady Gaga stepped in and popularized this makeup look by commercializing it in a manner that was more cohesive, putting together all the things that represent "kawaii/cuteness".


I personally don't see myself wearing the last two makeup looks anytime soon, oh as well as the Michael Jackson tutorial too- unless I was called to participate in a themed party. All in all, all these different types of makeup styles has truly caused me to realize how much i've underestimated the power of makeup.