For The Love Of Fashion & Food

     So I was watching season 9 of Project Runway episode 6 and one of the competing designers named Bryce- or was it someone else who was in the middle of his design process mentions how he hoped his dress wouldn't result in being something coming from beyonce's clothing line, called House of Dereon (mind you all due respects, he did faithfully claim he loves her despite that remark!)

 I personally have not heard of House of Dereon and became quite curious, so upon "googling" research, low and behold her clothing line website: House Of Dereon. The music playing in her site was oooh so catchy, so much that it kept me staying on her page a little while longer. While browsing through her online shop listings, her designs appear rather ready-to-wear and are very basic according to the pieces which were chosen to build her line- but all at the same time were very fun and lively with the use of fun colored snake prints and urban color palettes.

The fabric selections consisted of knits, and outerwear. My educated guess is that these designs are for young ladies who are conscious of their image, have a big social life and are looking for flashy things they can wear in social party events as well as everyday streetwear attire. Her price range I would say is considered to be mid ranged as most of the garments are sold around $100 and lowest price is 70$ in british pounds.

Upon further research I was correct! Although Beyonce is aiming for a wider age range clientele of ages 17-40 yrs, personally I can see how this works. Her line which are sold in external sites online, have more toned down and muted versions of the designs showcased on her original site. The cuts are not suggestive or inappropriate at all, and they are very practical in design.

Anyways, enough of my ranting of this and let me share with you a new discovery I made! Every girl/lady/women loves shimmer and sparkles correct? I know I do. They just make everything so much more fun and magical. And of course fabulous.

So what happens when something so fun is collided with food?....well, you get Glamor Glazed Krispy Kreme Donuts!!!

I know, I know, they are sooo bad for you. I personally am not that crazy for Krispy Kreme...but seriously, the lipgloss simulating glaze has got me stopping to a halt.


Talk about eating luxuriously, this special promotion has been created to support London Fashion Week. Now I wish glamor glaze can be applied for other types of baked treats!

 Flavors are available in: Strawberry, Blackcurrant, and Orange.

*sigh* Another reason why I love London so much.

Love always,
Miss Veruca Cyn