Veruca Cyn @ Sushi Time & Toronto's Fashion District

Today I paid a visit to Toronto, one of the many things I like to do very often :) I met up with my friend Iris at Sushi Time. We are pretty loyal customers, seeing as it is one of the 3 choices down the strip along queen st area to choose from and being only minutes away from the fashion district!

Visiting some fabric shops today to scope out any potential faux fur and sequined or flashy fabrics to use was very exciting! There are many ideas in my head that I have been currently brainstorming, but making sure I stay focused and on track to complete my current design project Cynner's Land before starting anything new.

Fellow readers, welcome to my crazy food face otherwise known as Cibbo Matto Face. (name was inspired by the band called Cibbo Matto, which stands for Crazy Food) I have a whole entire compilation of crazy food faces that i've been collecting for some time, then for no particular reason just stopped. Seeing as how entertaining they are to look at, and how insane it projects towards people viewing me as a designer- I now have all the more reasons to do it. Haha!

Having a Caramel Macchiato decaffeinated iced coffee and looking at fashion magazines. Yes very long name I learned from a Starbucks lady when requested for a caramel flavored ice coffee without the caffeine in it. I'll get the terms all down, one of these days.
With Iris at Starbucks :) She's also a jewellery designer!  check out her blog @ Black Iris

I think I will probably dedicate one of my posts showcasing all my Cibbo Matto Faces. Just for kicks and just because. Just so for you all to know that the designer behind this is actually not all there ;) That- or loves food..violently.

Love Always,
Miss Veruca Cyn