JP + Kamilla Wednesdays Art + Design Night

Kamilla in the orange and white striped t-shirt doing illustrations on a light box

Kamilla in the orange and white striped t-shirt doing illustrations on a light box

  Wednesday night of February 8th I had the pleasure to be invited to a mutual friend's collaboration event. A week before while traveling about downtown, Pavel and I had spoken about how Toronto really is a city that is full of activities and wonders, only if you know where to look for it- that and knowing the right people to open these opportunities to you as well. He told me he would ask to see if I would be able to partake in this coming Wednesday's event, where artists and designers of all spectrum gather to brainstorm, inspire, and create new work together.

During our sit down in Aji Sai Ramen Shop in Spadina's China Town, we coincidentally met the two wonderful people who are actually the hosts of this event! JP and Kamilla, JP is a graphic designer who works for the company of Umbra and Kamilla being an Art director at A.K.A. New Media.

The first thing I noticed about them was their softly tinted, short, side shaved hairstyles. I can't get enough of that look! Clearly, as you can see I too have this style haha. As they walked in my friend took notice and we were able to have to have the chance to chat for a short while before parting ways. As the day came, Pavel has instructed for me to bring a piece of artwork or project, any mediums I wish to work with be it markers or pencils etc. to the gathering for anyone who wishes to combine ideas with me, or invent something new altogether.

I honestly can't remember the last time I had done anything this remotely creative. I mean- creativity that has no limits, no rules, no practicality that has to fall into play here. The main objective was to create, and to come up with something together. The last time I had ever let myself allow to think down that path was during highschool...not even, more so like in kindergarten. It really was refreshing, and challenged me to re-approach everything I have been doing in a new light. To remember how to create something for the soul purpose of enjoying it. I do believe if something is done out of passion, it will communicate on a much deeper level to the viewer. So why not? :) Definitely a good element to inject into my future design projects.

Left: My friend Pavel, and his two graphic designer friends
Kamilla in the orange and white striped t-shirt doing illustrations on a light box

JP collaborating with a friend of his on a painting piece
 Below are photos of JP's portfolio work
This project piece is rather interesting. It is a compilation of illustrations on girls he has kissed, and interpreted each experience through the use of abstract thoughts and colors.
This repeat pattern in particular caught my interest, so I decided to ask more about the inspiration and story behind this print. The print is an image of a human bee sewing a bodysuit which looks closely in resemblance to a bear.
This print was about a human bee that was sewing up a shell of what it is he feels he needs to become.

Immediately upon his explaining of this story, I feel it heavily relates to my first design collection- which was 
High society. This is to question sexuality, personal beliefs, and acceptance to others around us. Do we judge more then we should, are we really all that different from each other?

I designed the line with the question in mind, why is that we do the things we do? Are we true to who we are, or are we just wanting to be accepted? The questions go on...

 JP had a view on how this world has about 2-3 types of people in it. Forgive me if I interpreted the theory differently, but I will share it to the best of my understanding.

One is called a Shell, another a Yoke. And lastly, a Scramble. He also briefly mentioned that when he first met me, he felt I was a yoke. But upon second meeting with me, he felt I was a scramble. 

Now let me tell you what each means.

A Shell is a person who goes around observing life and instances around themselves, and takes on or adapts to the environment going on about it this way throughout life. They do not particularly like doing it, or is willing to do it- But it is not to say there is a good or bad for being a shell or any other of the three kinds either, as there are different walks in life and a purpose for every one that builds this world of ours.

A Yoke is someone who was born with this driven inner force which is the reason they do what they do in life, it wasn't chosen by them but more so an innate purpose.

And lastly a scramble is somebody who observes life around themselves, and collects inspiration and influences from each and everywhere they encounter, creating this full compilation of what it is that they see themselves ultimately wanting to become.

 Asking myself this question, I see a good point in JP feeling I am a scramble. Upon deeper reflection, I would say I am a scrambled yoke. I am someone who has a drive and reason to do what it is I do, yet at the same time I hold such high appreciation and admiration for others who live passionate lives around me- that I am often in awe and in observation in seeing what it is that makes them tick, the glimmer in their eyes, and the persevering attitude that results in their accomplished works. 

The art piece that started off black and white, evolving into something with colors, textures, and pattern added all by me at the end of the night :) I was very drawn to all the lines and felt this was the one I wanted to spend the night exploring. Not completed, but if it isn't finished by the time I see it next- I will pick it up again. 

I found myself that night often very quite and in an observing mode, taking in the atmosphere and people around me; their conversations, point of views, was definitely a great and mind opening experience. I look forward to seeing them all again, thank you Pavel for introducing them to me, and definitely a big thank you to JP and Kamilla for hosting such a truly intriguing event.