The Unveiling

Near the end of the month of January I had sewn and sold one of my newest pieces called: The Unveiling, to a beautiful lady who works within the fashion industry. It is from my winter/fall 2012 collection called "In The Land Of Cyn" The item is a pair of pants, and I was very happy to see how ecstatic she was to have it in possession and planned on wearing it to work and during her trip to New York City!

For a better idea of which item it is I am referring to, I have reposted a photo shot by Jeff Hui; that so far has yet best displayed how the piece looks when worn on the body. 
Model on left is wearing the pant: The Unveiling.

The Unveiling is an asymmetrically cut pant made from sheer fabric. It is flow-y and appears as to look like a dress. But upon movement and a closer look, it is in fact actually two pant legs. 

 Made in black sheer fabric, complete with hook & eye, and my very own personalized clothing label. Seeing as I never have posted any photos to show how my packaging looks like, this would be the chance. 

I present to you: The meat package. 
Because I want to send across the message that I deliver my pieces freshly cut and prepared from me to you. 

With tongue in cheek irony and play on words all included of course. Plus side is that with this manner in packaging, the product stays dry since I use genuine butcher paper waxed on one side.
Of course for bigger products I will have to resort to other methods of packaging the product before sending off my babies, but for now- this is the beginning focal point. Straightforward yet simple, keeps my pieces nicely packed dry as well as clean, and lastly- has the ever daunting reminder every meat package resonates we are all "cynners" ;)